Something For The Weight

by Miracle Days

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Patricio De La Fuente Duran
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Patricio De La Fuente Duran This one was an almost instant buy for me. I loved the sound they created and the songs in general were pretty good!! If you like dream pop with a 30's style twist, check it out! Favorite track: No Place.
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released October 22, 2013



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Miracle Days Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Miracle Days
Every day I wake up and hope it's the weekend.
Every day I thank some god that I'm breathing.
Hear the newscast driving to work.
Bonds and stocks on the rise and it's worse.
Every day I bend and break to break even.

Every night I get real high cause I'm lonely.
Every night they pray real hard like a junkie.
Things were great and so well-rehearsed.
See my life and now its reversed.
Every day is a miracle day when it's working.

Every day I try real hard not to pretend.
All the gears just click and amend and now we're friends.
Then I wake and shake my head.
I've been dreaming, all that I had.
Every day is a miracle day and it's worth it.

I’m coping, I’m coping today.
Be calm.
Track Name: Time Spent With You
Peace and quiet, time spent with you.
But not because we’re contented to.
I am bruised, but you’re the broken one.
So brush your teeth and forget what you’ve done.

You, I amend, are driving me crazy again.
You’re driving me crazy again.

Holding on for the sake of tradition.
But you don’t see it that way.
Change is frightening, it’s not your fault.
But I’m entitled to a call.
Track Name: Sail On
I've been waiting a long, long time
For you to come and read my mind
I had this dream of mine, you were spot on.

People wave in busy lines
But I just bide my sweet time
And make words rhyme.

Sail on to a place I don't belong
Cause love can be so cumbersome
Take me home, please don't take me home

I've been waiting for so long
For you to come sing me that song
Teach me right from wrong. I am in your palm.

Preachers rave with scribbled signs,
"It's the end of time" but I don't mind.
I sing along.

Sail on to a place where we belong
Cause memories are so burdensome
Take me home, please don't take me home

Sail on, you never know who's right or wrong
Just look to your left, and take a deep breath
Godspeed and desert your carry-on
You must carry on
Track Name: No Place
The sun is out, there's nothing to figure out
There's no time for shame or doubt
There's no crime for me

Can you see, there's no place poverty
There's no hidden enemy
A home just for you and me, happily
Can you see? Can you see?

When the smoke is all clear, and they're coming near
And we're on our knees
I won't be disturbed, I won't say a word
Cause heaven will wait for me
Track Name: Never / No
Don't close your eyes, don’t move aside
Cause then you'll never know
I try to hide, I kick and cry
But when it starts to flow

It's so real
I never turn my mind away, but it’s never logical.
It’s so real
I got my tongue in knots and waves
When I’m saying never no, you never know

The sun arrives, the blues align
I’m feeling minimal
The fools abide, they criticize
But I just let it go

Don’t curse the day, don’t look away from pain
We move frame to frame
Our monuments will change and fade
Track Name: Call to Me
Call to me, I hear you always call to me
Every color I can see is light.
Call to me, you know I'm not the enemy
Cause every single word you speak is mine

Lions on the shirt you that you never wore
Keeps me wondering and
Feels like a place we lost long ago
Even more I feel the heat

Call to me, I hear you always call to me,
Every color I can see is blinding
All of me, you're always taking all of me
Cut me down the rope with ease and fly.
Track Name: Black Ice
Pause, play. I see you waiting.
Hold tight, he’ll be home tonight.

Love, please. I don’t see you turning.
You said, “I’ll be back.” But I’m drowning in doubt.

Hindsight, I don’t see you coming.
I act right, but I can’t be trusted.
Track Name: Pairs
Stars come in twos
Comets slide away and never miss their warmth.

Scars come in pairs
No one’s quite prepared to let the right ones in.

Never drop who we are, moving on.

I lay and repair, terrified again.
The man without a face.
Track Name: A Million Cells
You shot me in the dark
I knew that you were there somewhere.
Even when the curtain moved, I fell.

Let me fall apart
Hang me up like a broken bell.
Nothing in the sun is new, but it’s real.

The world, it shines for you
When tears become sweet, I am complete.
The world, it stops for you
When tears become sweet, I am complete.

Light me in the dark
Call me out like a crystal ball.
Everything I thought was wrong was wrong.

Pull me in a fire
Pleasure I can imagine well.
We’re nothing but a million cells.
Track Name: Long Hair Parade
Run away from the monsters.
I can’t wait til you belong here with long hair.
You’re a monster, you belong here.

Make my day with a clean err, a bomb scare.
I can’t say if I belong here at all.
And it’s not because I wrestle with love,
And it’s not because I’m flooded again.
Because I’m due, I have my secrets too.

Long-haired monster, I thought appeared out of nowhere.
Long hair, get along with your monsters,
They’re everywhere.